for individuals, families, and groups.

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Since its inception, our experience in accommodation and artisanal cultural exchanges has evolved significantly by prioritizing sociocultural authenticity.

Seeking to improve and renew our tourism products and develop new ones, we offer:

  • Our corporate or motivational housing formula, which favours a global family-host approach; 
  • Our two consecutive nights formula, to better discover the attractions of the region;
  • Our Heritage tourism formula, designed for groups of our family-host clientele, which aims to promote our beautiful region. These visits are supervised by a certified guide and member of the AGTQ and remain an initiative unique to our host village.

The principles of sustainable tourism are for us a tangent towards a tourism involved in the protection of the environment.

In addition, we take special care to ensure that tourism activities are least harmful or disruptive to the environment. We are very proactive in our field of activity and this allows us to quickly adopt corrective measures to new practices.